MLB Spring Breakout Series: Will it be enough to showcase prospects?; Chiefs threaten to leave KC?

Today’s word of the day is ‘breakout’ as in Spring Training and Spring Breakouts as in the inaugural MLB showcase. Did you watch the games? Did you see the top prospects? Who is the Yankees Opening Day starter? Not Gerrit Cole. Not Carlos Rodon. Not Marcus Stroman. What is going on with the Kansas City Chiefs? Are the moving? Are they threatening to move? Review: Agrylle. Penguins heist. No not stolen Penguins! Stole Jaromir Jags bobbleheads! Aaron Rodgers was forced to release a statement. Politics! NPPOD. Nick Saban can’t stop talking. Retired and now he hates college football. NIL is out of control, but is he the right person to tell us?

0:00 – Intro
0:45 – Spring Breakout
9:10 – Yankees rotation
13:10 – Chiefs stadium
23:30 – Review: Argylle
26:12 – Penguins heist
29:40 – Rodgers statement
31:40 – NPPOD
33:35 – NIL NIL NIL

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