MLB regular season starts this week! Steve Cohen talks Alonso deal! The Justin Fields trade!

Today’s word of the day is ‘two sleeps’ as in baseball is back as in the Dodgers as in the Padres as in Seoul as in Opening Day as in the Mets as in the Marlins as in the Cardinals! Ohtani and the Dodgers kicks things off on Wednesday against the Padres. Eury Perez is being shutdown. It is bad news for the Marlins. Why did they say it was a blister!? What’s going on in Mets land? Steve Cohen met the media to talk Pete Alonso, to talk expectations, to talk farm system. Fun times! Why did the Cardinals extend Oli Marmol? What was the point before this season? Review: Madame Web. Let’s talk football. The Steelers signed Russell Wilson, traded Kenny Pickett, and then traded for Justin Fields. Wow. Why did they trade Pickett? Why did the Bears accept so little? March Madness is here! Go Yale! Go Wisconsin! But what about all these teams saying no to the NIT? Ridiculous! NPPOD. What happened to scoring in NBA games? A chocolate scheme in Maryland is crazy. The PTSA treasurer used $29,000 of chocolate sales on himself and gambling!

0:00 – Intro
0:45 – Dodgers/Padres
8:35 – Marlins injury
12:00 – Mets talk
16:20 – Cardinals talk
22:00 – Review: Madame Web
24:23 – Fields, Pickett trade
32:00 – March Madness
39:30 – NPPOD
44:40 – Chocolate scheme

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