MLB Regular Season Finale! It’s almost time postseason time! Orioles win AL East! Marlins or Cubs?

Today’s word of the day is ‘final weekend’ as in Friday as in Saturday as in Sunday as in the regular season in MLB is about to be over! So much is still on the line! Will the Marlins have to play a half-inning on Monday!? Did the Cubs implosion continue? Who wins the AL West? Who makes the AL Wild Card!? The Baltimore Orioles have won 100 games. The Baltimore Orioles have won the AL East. The Baltimore Orioles have finished with the best record in the American League. Angel Hernandez is at it again. Because of course. Curt Schilling violated clubhouse rules. Curt Schilling violated Tim Wakefield’s trust. Review: Grand Tourismo. A story was released about Damian Lillard and his fallout with the Portland Trail Blazers. What happened? Tanking accusations. Bad ones. Inter Miami is raising prices. We knew that would happen. How much they raised them is the bigger deal. NPPOD

0:00 – Intro
0:45 – Final Weekend
12:20- Shoutout the Orioles!
17:15 – Angel again
21:00 – Curt Shill
26:41 – Review: Grand Tourismo
30:30 – Dame Lillard saga
36:20 – Inter Miami
40:40 – NPPOD

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