MLB Regular Season has come to an end! Astros win AL West! Marlins are in! Miggy says goodbye!

We’re going to start things off with a word on Tim Wakefield who died at age 57.

Special shoutout to Miguel Cabrera. What a career. What a player.

Today’s word of the day is ‘it’s over’ as in the regular season has come to an end… it’s now time for the MLB postseason! The best time of year! The Astros win the AL West on the final day! Now the Rangers go to Tampa! Who else made it? The year of the small revenue teams! Let me talk about the Marlins. Please understand me here! The New York Mets have fired Buck Showalter after just 2 seasons. 100+ wins last season. Fired this season. Gabe Kapler has been fired by the Giants. Won 107 game and NL West in 2021, and now he’s out of a job. Fired with 3 games left in the season. Let’s revisit some Wait to Sees we had about the MLB regular season! The Broncos came back from 28-7 down and beat the Bears! What is happening with the Bears!? It keeps getting worse! The Buffalo Bills beatdown the Miami Dolphins on Sunday. Is it time to pump the breaks on the Miami parade? Zach Wilson played the game of his life vs the Chiefs. And they lost. Taylor Swift wins again.

0:00 – Intro
0:45 – Tim Wakefield
1:30 – Miggy Cabrera!
5:50 – MLB Postseason!
13:30 – Marlins talk
19:40 – Mets fire Buck
24:20 – Giants fire Kapler
27:45 – Wait to see update!
35:45 – The Bears!
39:45 – Bills beatdown
41:30 – Chiefs/Jets
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