MLB All-Stars announced: Paul Skenes is an All-Star! The New York Yankees cannot stop losing!

Today’s word of the day is ‘19 yutes’ as in MLB as in All-Star Game as in young players as in Elly as in Skenes as in Witt. Youth takeover has come for the All-Star Game. Is this good for baseball? What about snubs? What about hosting the game but not having a bunch of players? The Yankees are bad. Very very bad. What is happening with them? Is Aaron Boone safe? Is Brian Cashman going to make moves? Are they going to win a series again? Cubs RP Colton Brewer is now on the 60-day IL. Not bad. Injuries happen. But breaking your hand punching a dugout wall? VERY bad! Mike Trout is still hurt. Mike Trout hasn’t played on the Fourth of July since 2019. Mike Trout is always hurt. Jose Miranda set a record for batting. It’s so impressive we have to mention it. Review: Beverly Hills Cop: AxelF. Lakers, Lakers, Lakers! LeBron, LeBron, LeBron! Bronny, Bronny, Bronny! NPPOD. Let’s discuss what’s going on with the NWSL. Angel City FC for sale? A new Disney movie? What about what’s happening in San Diego?

0:00 – Intro
0:45 – MLB ASG
9:50 – Yankees stink
18:20 – Cubs mistake
24:00 – Mike Trout
27:50 – Jose Miranda
31:25 – Review: Beverly Hills Cop: AxelF
34:35 – Lakers, Lakers, Lakers
42:00 – NPPOD
44:10 – NWSL update

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