Dodgers star-studded IL grows! Yankees lose with Cashman in town! Wander Franco officially charged!

Today’s word of the day is ‘charged’ as in Wander Franco as in the Tampa Bay Rays. Franco’s career is over. Charged I the Dominican Republic with crimes against a minor. Horrible. Disgusting. See ya. The Yankees just keep losing. Worst team in MLB right now. How did they fall so far? The Dodgers injured list is All-Star caliber. It’s unreal. Almost the entire rotation is on it. Oklahoma State head coach Mike Gundy cannot be serious. I mean… what in the world was that. Review: I Am Celine Dion. NPPOD. What are the Pittsburgh Pirates going to do? Publicly the owner says he’ll spend. Privately he told staff he won’t spend. Hmm. A 16-year old star. Lamine Yamal. What a story for Spain.

0:00 – Intro
0:45 – Wander Franco
6:40 – Yankees lose
11:33 – Dodgers IL
15:20 – Mike Gundy
27:20 – Review: I Am Celine Dion
30:31 – NPPOD
33:12 – Pirates Plan
43:31 – Lamine Yamal

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