Knicks, Rangers owner James Dolan bombshell lawsuit; An update on the Athletics

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Today’s word of the day is ‘due process’ as in court as in lawsuit as in James Dolan as in the Knicks as in the Rangers as in Madison Square Garden. What happened now? A lawsuit was filed against Dolan for alleged sexual assault. Also named in the suit is disgraced Harvey Weinstein. Adam Silver said he’s only aware of the article, not the story. (14:30) What’s happening with Jim Irsay? A report has come out that he overdosed in December. Could he be forced to sell? (17:00) What is going on with the Athletics relocation? Any word? Any whispers? Any rumors? (29:00) Review: You Are What You Eat. (35:30) The St. Louis Cardinals are getting ready for the end of regional sports networks. What do they have plans for? What could the collapse mean for competition? (43:00) NPPOD. (43:50) We have another story about Saudi Arabia and sports washing. What happened now? Just your ole intimidation, harm, and corruption.

0:00 – Intro
0:45 – Dolan lawsuit
14:30 – Jim Irsay report
17:00 – Athletics update
26:00 – Review: You Are What You Eat
32:30 – Cardinals RSN plan
40:00 – NPPOD
40:50 – Saudi Arabia

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