It’s Jerry’s World: Cowboys bringing back Mike McCarthy for next season!; Did Amazon save Diamond?

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Today’s word of the day is ‘layers’ as in a cake as chocolate as in vanilla as in sponge as in fondant as in sprinkles as in Jerry Jones as in Mike McCarthy. The Cowboys are bringing back McCarthy for year 5. Sorry, despondent fans. Nick Sirianni is meeting with Jeff Lurie with a plan. What plan? The same plan Doug Pederson had when he got fired? Is Amazon here to save Diamond? What does that even mean? Can it happen? Is this the future? Review: Tootsie. So You Wanna Talk to Samson!? Someone asked me about the sudden death of a Warriors assistant coach and why the team canceled the game. NPPOD. What are the Clippers plans for the future? New stadium. All-Star Game. Kawhi longterm. What about James Harden? Or Westbrook? Or Paul George?

0:00 – Intro
0:45 – McCarthy back
10:30 – Eagles meeting
18:23 – Saving Diamond
29:30 – Review: Tootsie
34:10 – Warriors game
41:10 – NPPOD
42:00 – Clippers future

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