Summer Mailbag: The Jeff Conine Trade; Is it Worth it to Trade for a Toxic Player?

Welcome to the Summer Mailbag Series! Tomorrow is the MLB trade deadline and you all had some questions! Questions not exactly about the deadline but about trades in general! How did Jeff Conine make it to the Marlins? How did that trade go down? Is this how most trades go down? Someone asked me about Cincinnati Reds ownership and if they knew the Diamond Sports fiasco was on its way so they cut spending. Interesting. Someone asked me about trading for a player with a checkered past. This was based off someone like Antonio Brown. How is this handled?

0:00 – Intro
0:45 – Trade deadline incoming!
7:30 – Conine to Marlins
25:40 – TV Money for team spending
34:50 – Trading for bad news bears

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