Sixers owners buy tickets to keep out Knicks fans! Deion Sanders honeymoon at Colorado is OVER!

Today’s word of the day is ’spooked’ as in scary hours as in the Knicks as in the Sixers as in playoff basketball! Sixers owners and old owners have purchased tickets to keep out Knicks fans! WHAT? How do you feel about this? The Mavericks crushed the Clippers in Game 5. Where was Kawhi Leonard? The Celtics gave the Heat a beatdown. Series over. Celtics move on. Is it time for the Heat to move on? NPPOD. It’s over for Deion Sanders and the Colorado honeymoon. The way he has handled adversity. The way he’s handled his critics. It’s a madhouse! Review: Secret Life of Walter Mitty. We should all be consultants. That’s the best grift. Sports consulting. More stadiums and stadiums and stadiums.

0:00 – Intro
0:45 – Sixers ticket plan
14:00 – Mavs win
16:55 – Heat lost
19:14 – NPPOD
20:35 – Colorado football
29:00 – Review: Secret Life of Walter Mitty
35:10 – Sports Consulting
43:00 – More stadiums

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