Shocking details into Michael Oher, Blindside story; Latest update on Wander Franco investigation

Today’s word of the day is ‘blindsided’ as in didn’t see it coming as in tricked as in hoodwinked as in led astray as in Michael Oher is alleging that he was not adopted by a family, but instead got Britney’d. What is happening? Why is this coming out now? So You Wanna Talk to Samson!? Someone asked me about the restricted list in MLB and what the latest update is on Wander Franco. Review: The Thief Collector. Justin Verlander had to respond to criticism from anonymous Mets calling him a diva and detached from his teammates while in New York. Why is this coming out? NPPOD. It’s the Messi Effect. He has taken over MLS. He was taken over stadiums. But is everyone happy about it? The alleged Neymar contract with Saudi Arabia is a doozy. One of the biggest contracts ever.

0:00 – Intro
0:45 – Blindsided
14:00 – Wander Franco update
22:40 – Review: The Thief Collector
26:45 – Verlander responds to Mets
33:00 – NPPOD
36:30 – Messi Effect
41:30 – Neymar deal

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