Roger Goodell’s Super Bowl presser: Taylor Swift Effect, Streaming Future, NFL in Brazil, and more!

Today’s word of the day is ‘manipulative presser’ as in Super Bowl week as in invite-only as in Roger Goodell met the media and he had some interesting things to say. Taylor Swift, check. Streaming, check. NFL Brazil, check. Grass fields, check! Josh Harris held an introductory press conference for Dan Quinn yesterday. What an odd search it was. No Ben Johnson. No Eric Bienemy. Kliff Kingsbury snubs Raiders. Review: Bookie. We have another update on the A’s to Vegas! A teacher union is suing the state. And now the mayor of Las Vegas is coming out against the team moving to the city! What!? NPPOD – Super Bowl props! Bobby Witt signed a huge deal with the Royals. The details are something, for sure!

0:00 – Intro
0:45 – Goodell Presser
17:00 – Commanders presser
28:00 – Review: Bookie
30:40 – Athletics update
39:33 – NPPOD
43:05 – Bobby Witt

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