Orioles Sale Update: David Rubenstein WILL be control person!; What this new PGA Tour deal means!

Today’s word of the day is ‘collective goal’ as in the Baltimore Orioles as in David Rubenstein as in a new ownership group as in the World Series. Yesterday it was believed that the Angelos family would hold on to control of the team until the passing of Peter Angelos. Well, it looks like Rubenstein will takeover immediately. The Dallas Cowboys are going all-in! Can you believe it? Does that mean Bill Belichick is coming? More players? Better players? We have an update on the Jackie Robinson statue. Still looking for who did it. Review: Slumdog Millionaire. We have another update on the PGA Tour. They got their money. But not from the Saudi’s. What does it mean for the members? NPPOD. Lewis Hamilton is leaving Mercedes and headed to Ferrari. This is Ronaldo to Barcelona. Messi to Real Madrid!

0:00 – Intro
0:45 – Orioles update
13:30 – Cowboys All In
19:40 – Jackie Robinson
21:35 – Review: Slumdog Millionaire
26:30 – PGA Tour update
34:20 – NPPOD
38:30 – Hamilton to Ferrari

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