Orioles owners says he will have to DRAMATICALLY raise prices to keep core!; Latest on Oakland A’s

Today’s word of the day is ‘dramatically’ as in over the top as in the Baltimore Orioles as in John Angelos as in what is he thinking? He spoke with the New York Times said in order to pay for his young stars he’ll have to raise prices around the stadium! The Oakland Athletics have hired a contractor for its new stadium in Las Vegas. What does it mean? Anything? Review: Untold – Jake Paul Problem Child. What is happening with James Harden and the Sixers? He called Darryl Morey a liar. Now Josh Harris has spoken. NPPOD. Michigan has suspended Jim Harbaugh for 3 games this season. You won’t believe who they play. It’s all a joke!

0:00 – Intro
0:45 – Orioles owner
19:40 – Athletics stadium
27:30 – Review: Untold – Jake Paul Problem Child
31:00 – Harden v. Sixers
37:00 – NPPOD
38:20 – Michigan suspends Harbaugh

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