NFLPA releases player survey: Dolphins rated best team in league, Chiefs and Commanders worst!

Today’s word of the day is ‘leap year’ as in today as in February 29 as in every four years as in class is in session. The NFLPA released a player survey where they graded every team in the league. In all categories from training to facilities to owners to food to family care. The Chiefs win Super Bowls but it appears players do not like the team! The Commanders ranked last again… duh. What is the latest with the Commanders outside of the survey? FedEx backed out of the stadium naming rights. A bill just passed in DC for RFK Stadium. Is the team moving? Review: Thelma & Louise. Scott Boras of course showed up to the Cody Bellinger press conference with the Cubs. What did he have to say? NPPOD. Wendy’s is going to start dynamic pricing. How does that make you feel?

0:00 – Intro
3:45 – NFL Survey
21:00 – Commanders stadium
26:20 – Review: Thelma & Louise
31:00 – Boras & Bellinger
40:45 – NPPOD
43:06 – Wendy’s pricing

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