Netflix to air Jake Paul v. Mike Tyson fight! WHAT!? Is Ben Simmons NBA career over?

Today’s word of the day is ‘jab’ as in punch as in uppercut as in hook as in Jake Paul as in Mike Tyson as in Netflix. What is happening? What is Netflix doing? Is Ben Simmons’ career over? The millions and millions and millions of dollars he’s been paid to not play. Often hurt Simmons is out for the year again. Woof. Review: Perfect Days. Trevor Bauer is back in baseball. On a foreign travel team that you have to pay to play for. Huh….. NPPOD. Is the Wizards/Capitals move to Virginia dead? It sure looks like it despite what Ted Leonsis and the Virginia governor are saying.

0:00 – Intro
0:45 – Netflix boxing
13:35 – Ben Simmons
26:00 – Review: Perfect Days
31:55 – Bauer Outage
36:36 – NPPOD
38:33 – Virginia deal

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