MLB Pre-All Star Break Recap; Post-All Star Break Preview: Surprises, Disappointments! Trades!

Welcome to the Summer Mailbag Series! Let’s start things off with baseball! Let’s do some chattering about the pre-All Star Break and post-All Star Break! What are the biggest disappointments so far? Biggest surprises… yes, the Marlins. Shohei Ohtani! Shohei Ohtani! Shohei Ohtani! What are the Yankees going to do? Big trades? More firings? What are the Phillies up to? Trades! Trades! Trades! Trades! Prediction updates for awards and postseason! Manager hot seat! What will the top offseason storylines be? There will be firings. There will be signings. There will be fighting. There will be.

0:00 – Intro
0:45 – Disappointments
9:50 – Surprises
14:40 – Ohtani Ohtani Ohtani
19:10 – Yankees
21:00 – Phillies
25:00 – Trade Deadline
30:30 – Predictions update!
31:55 – Manager hot seat
35:00 – Offseason storylines

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