MLB player facing LIFETIME BAN for gambling! Pat McAfee apologizes for calling Caitlin Clark THIS!

Today’s word of the day is ‘existential crisis’ as in baseball as in MLB as gambling as in injuries as in Tommy John as in problems. We have a player facing a lifetime ban for the first time since gambling has become what it has. Tucupita Marcano of the Padres reportedly bet on baseball last year as a member of the Pirates. Woof. More and more and more injuries happening to starting pitching. Elbow and elbows and elbows. The Carolina Panthers want public money for stadium upgrades. It never ends. You might think it will, but it doesn’t. Justin Jefferson is getting big money. WR are now the offensive money makers. Sorry RB, you aint coming back. Review: Spacey Unmasked. Sports media and hot take culture is at a boiling point. Where is the line? Where is the integrity? This Caitlin Clark conversation has become everything it shouldn’t. NPPOD. I made a mistake about Top 100 players.

0:00 – Intro
0:45 – Lifetime ban
12:34 – INJURIES
19:00 – Panther money
25:00 – NFL money
30:22 – Review: Spacey Unmasked
34:25 – Hot take culture
43:00 – NPPOD
45:20 – Mistakes

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