MLB next big problem: why are some many batters getting hit by pitches?; Remembering Willie Mays

Today’s word of the day is ‘bean’ as in hit by pitch as in MLB as in control as in velocity. What is happening in baseball? Why are so many batters getting hit? These past 4 seasons have been record-setting. Mookie Betts is out. Aaron Judge got hit. Nolan Arenado got hit. Rest in peace to the great Willie Mays. Tonight MLB plays at Rickwood and it was meant to honor Mays who sadly died a few days ago. Monty Williams got fired by the Detroit Pistons after one season. The Pistons now owe Monty $65 million. I cannot believe it. The Boston Celtics won the title. Did you watch? Did you care? Review: Goodfellas. Are the Panthers going to blow a 3-0 lead? Is this really about to happen? What is happening with the Chiefs and Royals with Kansas? Is Missouri going to lose both teams?

0:00 – Intro
0:45 – Hit By Pitch
10:52 – Remembering Willie Mays
19:30 – Monty Williams fired
27:30 – Celtics win title 18
32:30 – Review: Goodfellas
36:10 – NPPOD
39:40 – Stanley Cup
45:00 – Kansas

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