Mets season somehow keeps getting worse and worse! All charges dropped against Scheffler!

Today’s word of the day is ‘dumpster fire’ as in the Mets as in Steve Cohen as in Edwin Diaz as in Pete Alonso as in Jorge Lopez. What a day for the Mets yesterday. I cannot remember a day like this for a team. IL trips. Injuries. A player ejected, making a scene, then getting DFA’d. Well things actually are worse for the Mets. Steve Cohen has hit a real roadblock when it comes to his casino of dreams. A NY senator does not want what Cohen wants. White Sox manager Pedro Grifol came out in defense of owner Jerry Reinsdorf. This is why. Review: In the Name of the Father. NPPOD. Scottie Scheffler had all charges dropped against him. Breaking news: a new women’s basketball league is coming.

0:00 – Intro
0:45 – Mets mess
13:30 – Cohen plan
25:50 – Grifol on Reinsdorf
34:30 – Review: In The Name of the Father
37:30 – NPPOD
40:20 – Scheffler update
47:30 – Breaking women’s basketball

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