Mets-Marlins rain delay mess; Josh Harris and his Commanders! Kaepernick pens letter to Jets!

Today’s word of the day is ‘tarp’ as in rain as in rain delay as in groundscrew as in the Mets and Marlins game was postponed after hours of talking about the field. The Marlins are furious. What happened? How could this happen? Josh Harris opens up to ESPN about why he needed to own the Washington Commanders. He is on a quest. He now has 4 Infinity Stones of franchises. Colin Kaepernick wrote a letter to the Jets. It was released by J. Cole. What did the letter say? Will the Jets give him a chance? Review: Theater Camp. (36:00) Is Damian Lillard getting traded? We’re going into Month 4 of this. Now the Raptors are the favorites? What happened to the Heat? Is he going to stay a Blazer? NPPOD. Time to talk Swifties.

0:00 – Intro
0:45 – Tarp Gate
10:00 – Josh Harris is here
19:25 – Kaepernick letter
29:20 – Review: Theater Camp
32:50 – Lillard Trade?
39:20 – NPPOD
41:30 – Swfities

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