Messi has run wild on the MLS, but will it make Americans buy into soccer?

Today’s word of the day is ‘Not Messi’ng Around’ as in Messi as in MLS as in is he good or bad for the league? He’s run wild. Scores in every game. Social media exploded. But he met the media and said some things about the MLS and US Soccer and was he being truthful? Sports owners are all making real estate plays. That’s what’s been happening. Always has. Let me explain what the Carolina Hurricanes are doing as all other teams are doing with new stadiums. So You Wanna Talk to Samson!? Someone asked me about who does the investigations for MLB. Interesting. Review: Prisoner’s Daughter. How much money is Ohtani going to get? How can you get to that number? Who can calculate his worth? NPPOD

0:00 – Intro
0:45 – Messi for MLS
14:45 – Real Estate plays
19:00 – Investigators for MLB
26:20 – Review: Prisoner’s Daughter
30:30 – Ohtani for $800M
41:40 – NPPOD

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