Jets Eliminated: Should Aaron Rodgers return?; NFL Coaching Carousel heating up with Staley firing


Today’s word of the day is ‘activate’ as in you are scrambling to get your gifts as in Christmas is approaching as in New Years is approaching as in Aaron Rodgers has been medically cleared. Are the Jets going to play Rodgers? 13th straight seasons without playoffs. 8th straight losing season. Zach Wilson hurt again. Is it worth it? The NFL hot seat is scorching right now. It’s that time of the year. Brandon Staley and the Chargers are done. That’s what happens when you get blown out by the Raiders on primetime. What about Ron Rivera and the Commanders? Is it time? Review: The Family Plan. Wine and dine time. It’s the pursuit of Yoshinobu Yamamoto. We’ve now got dinner party time! This time it’s the Mets. Then the next day it was the Yankees. Who will he sign with? NPPOD. Max Scherzer is done until at least June/July. Back surgery. The Mets are paying big money to the Rangers for this too.

0:00 – Intro
0:45 – Rodgers back?
12:00 – NFL Hot Seat
24:50 – Review: The Family Plan
30:00 – Yamamoto dinner
37:00 – NPPOD
41:20 – Scherzer surgery

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