College Football Super League!? New group is pushing for it!; MLB Panic Mode: when is it time?

Today’s word of the day is ‘super league’ as in college football as in promotion as relegation as in no more conferences. That’s what’s happening now. We have leaders of the new college world trying to do things to fundamentally change college sports. Is a super league even able to happen? Even college basketball is looking for more alternatives. Fox is launching its own NIT alternative. Let’s talk about when to hit the panic button in baseball. Steve Cohen spoke with CNBC about the slow start, about spending money. What about the Marlins? We still have to talk about LIV and PGA. The drama continues. The merger has yet to happen. And now the players are starting to get upset. Review: About Time. Let me discuss Larry Lucchino and his life, and legacy. NPPOD. Another update on the Oakland Athletics. The team reportedly met with Sacramento officials about playing there for the next 3 seasons. Or is Sacramento trying to leverage a moment? Let’s end the show with some settlement talk. Pat Fitzgerald filed a huge lawsuit against Northwestern over wrongful termination. Northwestern wanted it to go away… a judge has said not so fast!

0:00 – Intro
0:45 – CFB Super League
12:50 – MLB panic
25:00 – LIV/PGA
30:30 – Review: About Time
35:10 – Larry Lucchino
38:01 – NPPOD
39:40 – Athletics update
47:20 – Northwestern
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