Caitlin Clark drops 41 points vs LSU to lead Iowa back to Final Four! We have our first no-hitter!

Today’s word of the day is ‘palindrome’ as in same forwards as backwards as in today’s date as in what are we talking about? Let’s get to women’s college basketball. Caitlin Clark. Angel Reese. Iowa. LSU. What a moment. What a night! But something Angel Reese said postgame was really upsetting. Let’s discuss. NPPOD. We’ve got a no-hitter! First of the season! Ronel Blanco of the Astros! Tony Clark’s pay was released. He’s made about $4 million last year. Is this important? Should we care? Review: Apples Never Falls. We have a major vote in Kansas City today. Will the Royals and Chiefs receive funding for stadiums? Vote yes or Vote no! We have a shareholder fight at Disney! Get the gloves!

0:00 – Intro
0:45 – Iowa v. LSU
13:00 – NPPOD
21:35 – Tony Clark pay
29:35 – Review: Apples Never Falls
35:00 – Kansas City vote
43:00 – Disney vote

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