Brian Cashman on Yankees: I think we’re pretty ******* good"; MLB GM Meetings: Everything to know!

Today’s word of the day is ‘indignant’ as in GM Meetings as in scrums as in media sessions as in Brian Cashman as in the Yankees. What happened? Well, the GM Meetings are taking place in Scottsdale. What happens there you ask? Let’s discuss. The Ohtani Sweepstakes have begun. He was the talk of the town. Everyone wants him. Everyone has a plan. How else are teams preparing for this offseason? What happens if you lose out on Ohtani? What else is happening at the GM Meetings? Who’s talking? Review: Fingernails. Adam Silver has a lot of problems right now. Referees. LeBron. All-Star Game. In-Season Tournament. TV Rights.

0:00 – Intro
0:45 – GM Meetings
6:00 – Cashman on Yankees
18:30 – Ohtani Sweepstakes
24:45 – More GM Meetings
32:00 – Review: Fingernails
36:13 – NBA Problems

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