Belichick, Kraft press conference and what’s next for The Patriot Way; MLB Arbitration deadline!

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Today’s word of the day is ‘responsibility’ as in the Patriots as in Robert Kraft as in Bill Belichick as in the Patriot Way. Yesterday was the joint press conference between Kraft and Bill and we saw the amicable split. What happens next? Why did the move happen now? MLB Arbitration deadline happened and what stood out? Juan Soto and the Yankees set a record. Pete Alonso settled with the Mets. Vlad, Adolis, and Arraez didn’t get deals done. And the Yankees signed free agent Stroman! Review: Immediate Family. We are seeing more and more Succession in real life. Now we’re seeing it with the McNair Family in Houston. NPPOD. And the Emmy goes to… who!? What did ESPN do?

0:00 – Intro
0:45 – The Patriot Way
9:33 – MLB Arbitration
24:41 – Review: Immediate Family
28:30 – Texans Succession
36:30 – NPPOD
39:32 – Emmy

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