Baseball is back: Are the Arizona Diamondbacks going to relocate? The Nationals now NOT for sale!?

Today’s word of the day is ‘playbook’ as in the owner’s playbook as in the plan as in stadiums as in public money as in the Arizona Diamondbacks are next on the list. Owner Ken Kendrick spoke about needing money for the stadium. Will they leave Phoenix? Is this a threat? Is it not a threat? Are the Washington Nationals no longer for sale? What the heck? Let’s explain this horse hockey! Tony Clark met the media and spoke out about the deferred comp, the uniforms, and more! Review: Hell Camp – Teen Nightmare. What is going on with the Red Sox? Rafael Devers is speaking out about the roster. Does Alex Cora have a future with the team? Let’s talk about some

0:00 – Intro
0:45 – Diamondbacks stadium
13:02 – Nationals sale?
21:10 – Tony Clark speaks
29:12 – Review: Hell Camp – Teen Nightmare
33:40 – Red Sox drama
42:30 – Naming Rights

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