Baseball Hall of Fame: Who will get in?; Anthony Rendon wants a shorter MLB season: Is he right?

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Today’s word of the day is ‘announcement’ as in Baseball Hall of Fame as in Oscars as in today is a big day. Who is getting into the Hall? Adrian Beltre? Joe Mauer? Billy Wagner? Alex Rodriguez? Gary Sheffield? Anthony Rendon hates baseball. He has to. He came out and said seasons should be shortened. Of all players to say that… him!? Review: The Boys in the Boat. Raw is Netflix! Netflix is in the live sports world now and it’s a partnership with the WWE. Whoa! Are you for or against court storming?

0:00 – Intro
0:45 – Hall of Fame
20:50 – Rendon comments
27:30 – Review: The Boys in the Boat
31:11 – Raw is Netflix
38:40 – Court Storming

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