AL Madness: Contenders keep losing! Will Vladdy Jr be traded!? THE NOVA KNICKS ARE COMPLETE!

Today’s word of the day is ‘Junior Circuit’ as in the American League as in baseball as in trades as in contenders as in the Yankees as in the Orioles as in the Mariners. What’s going on in the American League and what will contenders do? Is Vladdy Jr going to be traded? NPPOD. The Nets traded Mikal Bridges to the Knicks! The Nova Knicks are complete! What a wild night in NBA trades! Is Klay Thompson going to stay with Golden State? Review: Disciple. We have a candidate for ASS of the year. The Jaguars have a new stadium deal. More and more public money. Fans said it would never happen again. And it continues to happen.

0:00 – Intro
0:45 – AL MLB
17:30 – NPPOD
21:20 – Nova Knicks
28:30 – Klay to stay?
33:10 – Review: Disciple
36:25 – TAMU to Texas
43:45 – Jags new deal

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